GE Commercial Finance

GE Commercial Finance European Leadership Meetings


To produce Bespoke Conferences for the five divisions of GE Financial Service Europe, with an additional combined Group event.
To take place in one week &  demonstrate production and logistical cost efficiencies whilst maintaining individual, non compromised themed events.
To take place in a prime location whilst insuring easy transportation solution for major European Office locations.


The Fairmont Monte Carlo, offered a space, which enables capacity for a large group conference, which then split into two rooms to enable bespoke solutions for two events to be held in parallel. The fifth Business had only a small conference requirement so was housed in a conference room outside the main conference space but within the same hotel. The group event was held midweek, with two events being held on the Monday/Tuesday prior to the event and three events on the Thursday/Friday. All guests overlapped for the group conference on The Wednesday.


As budgets for the five divisions varied, a core production provision was provided to ensure an appropriate level of production staging, with the option to enhance to fit bespoke requirements. All divisions contributed equally to their proportion of the group event and the four divisions using the main production space contributed their quarter outside this day as appropriate. In all cases, budgets were kept and billed separately.

Software budgets, set and technological enhancements, content enhancements and entertainments were offered as additional and each client commissioned, as they felt appropriate. This ensured maximum flexibility on conference design, provision and budget.

Each of the five business had dedicated production teams both pre event and on site. This included crew and producers, with an overall project producer, production manager and account Management team, who also took responsibility for the Group event. This was essential in providing services levels to each client of the highest levels and ensured the client was uncompromised.

Overnight turnaround of the conference spaces ensured the individual events were uncompromised, and when two events were running on the same days, timings of these were scheduled so that ran at different time to avoid noise interference and the need to share reception space. External activities were scheduled to ensure this.

Offsite and out of room rehearsals were provided, along with an allocated on stage rehearsal provision.

A video production provision, including a Filming studio (set up in one of the breakout rooms) enabled on site programmes to be filmed and played back at conference the following day. Importantly, changes to programmes were also enabled by this facility.

Filming of three of the five events took place, which were them provided for reference post event.

In addition to the production, the production team worked in partnership with the GE security staff of the GE CEO to ensure both his safety and that of other high level speakers.

All core crew were transported from the UK. Core Set and equipment was trucked from the UK with secured preferential supplier rates for cost efficiency, with additional crew and equipment sourced locally where appropriate.

The result was five uncompromised events, very different in theme, budget and content and to the requirement of each individual business. The clients made core production savings of approx. 25 %, whilst, in addition, a half day group event was provided at a significantly reduced cost (no transportation or accommodation of guests, no rig or derig crew or equipment costs and importantly no wasted operational downtime in relation to additional travel).

Useful event stats:

126 Rehearsals

44 Crew

650 Delegates

118 Presenters

1402 Slides

24 Videos

5 onsite videos

Conference filming and post event DVD’s